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We are interested in the role that government, small business and the nonprofit sector/philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

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Every day the federal government publishes grants available through 26 Federal agencies. Eligibility for these grants varies, some are available to states and municipalities others to nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

While some of the grants are available to individuals, those are usually for specific projects or interest to the granting organization. If you are looking for grants or support for yourself as an individual you should investigate opportunities available through

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Department of Health and Human Services
 $11,041,177,907 Agency for International Development
 $2,733,835,630 Department of Homeland Security
 $2,225,439,097 Department of Defense
 $1,742,895,948 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $1,348,744,500 National Science Foundation
 $1,339,063,793 Department of Energy
 $1,100,437,002 Department of Transportation
 $940,074,922 Department of the Interior
 $875,644,311 Department of Agriculture
 $853,280,157 Department of Justice
 $512,322,291 Other Agencies

Each of six Interpretation and Resource Management interns will work directly with the National Park staff to learn aspects of operations at New River Gorge National River (NERI), Gauley River...more
Posted On - 2017-03-22

USGS/WHOI Cooperative Agreement for Submission to the Woods Hole Coastal & Marine Science...more
Posted On - 2017-03-22

OVC seeks applicants to plan and conduct the 16th and 17th National Indian Nations Conference: Justice for Victims of Crime, which will take place in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Since 1988, OVC has...more
Posted On - 2017-03-22

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO): Building Capacity and Networks to Address Emerging Infectious Diseases in the...more
Posted On - 2017-03-22

This Funding Announcement is not a request for applications. This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service (NPS), intention to fund the following project activities...more
Posted On - 2017-03-22

The Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) announces the availability of fiscal year (FY) 2017 funds for a cooperative agreement program to continue enhanced national surveillance for prion...more
Posted On - 2017-03-22

Just as the Cold War gave rise to new ideas and fields of study such as game theory and Kremlinology, the challenges facing the world today call for a broader conception and application of national...more
Posted On - 2017-03-21

The Dental Specialty and PhD Program (DSPP) FOA encourages applications for institutional research career development (K12) programs from organizations that propose to develop outstanding clinician...more
Posted On - 2017-03-21

This FOA provides the opportunity for organizations to build customized projects from evidence-based and informed interventions or from promising practices. These projects will serve either young...more
Posted On - 2017-03-21

Social Entrepreneurship

New Vineyard Philanthropy Group Supports Island Youth

New Vineyard Philanthropy Group Supports Island Youth
MVYouth, a newly formed Vineyard philanthropy group with a mission to support Island youth, will...

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