Recovery Act Funds - Habitat Enhancement, Restoration and Improvement. Grants

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Butterfly Research and Breeding Facility
Establish a research and captive breeding facility for rare California...more
Posted On - 2014-08-05

Flying Squirrel Habitat and Compliance Tracking
Defining flying squirrel habitat in the San Bernardino Mountains and compliance tracking under the...more
Posted On - 2015-07-23

Casey's june beetle dietary and subsoil use project
Casey's june beetle investigation of optimal soil conditions, dietary needs, life span, genetics, and telemetry...more
Posted On - 2015-07-22

Santa Ana Sucker Feeding Preferences in Urbanized Rivers
Santa Ana sucker feeding preferences in urbanized...more
Posted On - 2015-07-22

Creation of a Tracking Site for Compliance Monitoring
Create an internal tracking site for compliance...more
Posted On - 2015-07-17

Habitat Restoration for a Desert Pupfish Refuge
Habitat restoration to create a desert pupfish...more
Posted On - 2015-07-17

Habitat Enhancement for the Santa Ana Sucker
Habitat enhancement for Santa Ana sucker in Santa Ana...more
Posted On - 2015-07-17

Least Bell's Vireo Surveys and Cowbird Trapping, Santa Ana River
Least Bell's vireo surveys and cowbird trapping, Santa Ana River mainstem...more
Posted On - 2015-07-17

Social Entrepreneurship

Ten Years After Katrina, A New Startup Sector Takes Hold In New Orleans

Ten Years After Katrina, A New Startup Sector Takes Hold In New Orleans

“I think, by 2018, there’s an opportunity for New Orleans to be viewed around the country, around the world, as a hub of entrepreneurship for the South,” says Tim Williamson, the CEO and cofounder of incubator The Idea Village, referring to the year the city will celebrate its 300th anniversary.

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