USAID Support for the Regional Climate Change Program

USAID helped the Government of Mexico identify opportunities for wind farm development in the state of Oaxaca, catalyzing $2.5 billion in investments from the United States, Europe, and Mexico.

The United States Agency for International Development office in El Salvador through it Regional Strategy (E-CAM: El Salvador, Central America and Mexico Regional Strategy) is seeking applications from organizations to implement a Regional Climate Change Program to support development objectives of USAID Missions under E-CAM Regional Strategy for a 60 month period.

The USAID/E-CAM Regional Program resources are focused on economic growth and development, and humanitarian assistance and crisis response. Recognizing the importance of the Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), USAID/E-CAM is supporting several activities to help prepare Central American countries for the challenges related to implementation, including cleaner production activities.

As part of its economic growth activities, USAID/E-CAM is supporting management of critical watersheds, which will be achieved by securing the financial sustainability of these protected areas, implementing consistent watershed management plans, and increasing the use of private voluntary mechanisms.

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USAID Support for the Regional Climate Change Program

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