People s Garden Grant Program

To facilitate the creation of produce, recreation, and/or wildlife gardens in urban and rural areas, which will provide opportunities for science-based non-formal education.

Examples of Funded Projects

Fiscal Year 2012: One project competed work with four diverse population community gardens to increase knowledge in communication, team building, and leadership development to create effective garden committee management.

A 100 question assessment tool was developed to analyze the needs of each garden along with meetings with garden participants and Educational materials were developed, shared, and customized to address the needs of the individual community garden membership.

Another project used micro-sub-grants to provide opportunities for change in knowledge, action, and conditions within 30 grantee communities.

Public officials became more supportive of planting trees in their community, city officials donated land, installed underground irrigation, and helped maintain trees during a severe drought.

Community gardeners acknowledged the benefits trees bring to their projects.

Throughout this pilot year, over 2,700 volunteers donated over 10,000 hours to plant over 2,000