Marine Fisheries Initiative

To provide financial assistance for research and development projects that will provide information for the full and wise use and enhancement of fishery resources in the Southeast U. S. Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic beginning with the State of North Carolina south to Florida.

In addition,
beginning in Fiscal Year 1998 similar assistance is provided for the coastal New England states.
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Examples of Funded Projects

Relationship between estuarine habitat structure and distribution and abundance of juvenile fishery species; assessment of bathymetric highs as nursery habitat of newly settled red snapper in the northwest Gulf of Mexico; genetic analysis of the stock structure of wahoo in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico; turtle excluder device (TED) and bycatch (BRD) reduction device technology transfer to the shrimp industry; and validation of ages for species of the deepwater snapper/grouper complex off the southeast U.S.


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