Unallied Science Program

To provide grants and cooperative agreements of biological, socio-economic and physical science research on the stocks of fishery and protected resources of the United States and their environment that will contribute to their optimal management for the benefit of the Nation; also, to award grants and
cooperative agreements to develop innovative approaches and methods for marine and estuarine science.
Examples of Funded Projects

Alaska: Cooperative Fisheries Research in Alaska.

Northeast: Maine Lobster Resource Assessment, Monitoring of New Hampshire's Fishery for Shell Disease in the American Lobster, Post Stratification and Calibration of a Random Stratified Lobster Ventless Trap Survey in Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound, A Study of the Striped Bass in the Marine District of New York State - Ocean Haul Seine Survey.

Northeast Center: The Northeast Consortium is used encourage and fund collaborative research and monitoring projects within the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, which involve effective, equal partnerships among fishermen, scientists, and other stakeholders.

Examine the population biology and dynamics of the multispecies fishery of the Northeast USA, with specific focus on the groundfish assemblage and American lobster, in support of the development of a fisheries management decision support system.

Examine the population biology and dynamics of the sea scallop, from Virginia to the Hague line, USA in support of the development of a decision support system.

A research and monitoring program to provide information required to sustainably manage the horseshoe crab resource for the benefit of all resource users.

North Atlantic Right Whale Research Grant Program (RWRGP) is used for funding research or other activities that can provide information useful to management of North Atlantic right whales, with emphasis on understanding or mitigating factors inhibiting the species recovery.

Southeast Region: Funded a cooperative program that investigated the technical, economic and commercial feasibility of farm raising marine finfish in cages in the northern Gulf of Mexico utilizing oil and gas production platforms as operation centers.

Provided funds to refine, field-test and demonstrate a successful marine fisheries stock management program for the Gulf of Mexico that blends aquaculture technology with traditional fishery management practices.

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina were funded for their endangered species programs on sea turtles.

Funded research in red drum biology to better understand survival rates in the wild.

South Carolina was funded to create a taxonomic center to identify and archive marine specimens.

Cooperative Institute for Fisheries Molecular Biology (FISHTEC).

Northwest region: Ballard High School Maritime Academy/Seattle Public Schools.

Agency - Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce fosters and promotes the nation's economic development and technological advancement through vigilance in international trade policy, domestic business policy and growth, and promoting economic progress at all levels.

Office - Alaska: Shawn Carey, Alaska Regional Office, NMFS, P.O.

Box 21668, Juneau, AK 99802-1668.

Telephone: (907) 586-7845, Fax: (907) 586-7255.

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Email: peter.d.jones@noaa.gov.

Northeast: Harold C.

Mears, Director, State, Federal, and Constituent Programs Office, National Marine Fisheries Service, Northeast Regional Office, One Blackburn Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930-2298.

Telephone: (978) 281-9243.

Fax: (978) 281- 9117.

Email: Grants.Information@noaa.gov.

Northwest: Kevin Ford, National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Region, 7600 Sand Point Way NE., Seattle, WA 98115.

Telephone: (206) 526-6115.

Fax: (206) 526- 4461.

Email: Kevin.Ford@noaa.gov.

Northwest Center: Dr. Robert Iwamoto, OMI Director, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, 2725 Montlake Boulevard East, Seattle, WA 98112-2097.

Telephone: (206) 860-3200.

Fax: (206) 860-3442.

Email: Bob.Iwamoto@noaa.gov.

Southeast: Jeffrey Brown, State/Federal Liaison Staff, Southeast Regional Office, 9721 Executive Center Drive, North, St.

Petersburg, FL 33702-2432.

Telephone: (727) 570-5324.

Fax: (727) 570-5364.

Email: jeff.brown@noaa.gov.

Southwest Region: Patricia Culver, 501 W.

Ocean Blvd., Suite 4200, Long Beach, CA.


Telephone: (562) 980-4239.

Email: trisha.culver@noaa.gov.