National Guard Military Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Projects


ARNG Real Property O&M Projects (RPOMA) - provide Federal support for services provided by the State for authorized facilities for leases, real property services, real property maintenance, and O & M minor construction costs; 2.

ARNG Environmental and Integrated Training
Area Management Programs Resources Management provide Federal support for services provided by the States to accomplish environmental actions such as: a.

Environmental Compliance/Corrective Projects - maintenance and repair and construction projects that are initiated to comply with environmental laws, prevent pollution, conserve the environment, and restore the environment; b.

Environmental Services - activities that support environmental compliance, pollution prevention, conservation, and restoration; such as studies, plans, surveys, assessments, test, monitoring, hazardous waste management and environmental public affairs requirements; c.

Program Management - actions, activities, and tasks which are accomplished to maintain a strong environmental program.

Program management includes, but is not limited to items such as salaries and benefits, training, maintaining and environmental reference library and material, file/records administration, travel, per diem, mileage, etc.; d.

ITAM program - an Army program designed to sustain future us of federally supported training lands through program components and to integrate other Federal programs and stewardship principles into range, training; 3.

ARNG Security Guard Activities - provide Federal support for services provided