Information Security Grant Program

The National Security Agency (NSA) is involved with the development of secure computing systems.

This grant program is designed to assist in the area of unclassified Information Security research.

This research should provide significant advances in our nation's ability to design, build,
and maintain computer systems that perform with a high degree of integrity, confidentiality, and service assurance.

Additionally, this grant program is aimed at developing computer science graduates who are knowledgeable in the area of Information Security from which NSA can recruit.
Examples of Funded Projects

Past funded research has been in the following areas: (1) Multilevel Secure Distributed Systems Security; (2) Multilevel Secure Network Systems; (3) Multilevel Secure Databases; (4) Formal Methods; (5) Computer Misuse and Anomaly Detection; (6) Object Oriented Technology; and (7) Secure Applications.

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