Minerals and Mining on Indian Lands

The objectives of the Energy and Mineral Development Program are to: (1) provide funds to Tribes to perform technical evaluations of the energy (both renewable and conventional) and mineral resource potential of Indian reservations; (2) provide Tribes with geological, geophysical and engineering reports,
maps, and other data concerning their energy and mineral resources; (3) provide Tribes technical assistance on using and interpreting assessment information so that Tribes can understand and plan for the potential development of these resources; and (4) provide Tribes with an outreach vehicle to promote their lands and resources to potential partners if they so desire.

Those projects that fell into economic development categories will be considered for funding through the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development.
Related Programs

Examples of Funded Projects

Projects support the development of energy (both renewable and conventional) and mineral resources on Indian lands through assessment studies, economic analysis and market studies, developing strategies for leasing feasibility studies and mining plans, establishing terms for exploration agreements, environmental reviews, and training.

Mineral Assessments include seismic exploration, inventories of existing geophysical and geological data, development of an oil and gas resource database and mapping system, and evaluation and assessment of mineral resources.