Indian Self-Determination Act Contracts, Grants and Cooperative Agreements

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To provide maximum Indian participation in the government and education of the Indian people; to provide the full participation of the Indian tribes in programs and services conducted by the Bureau of Land Management for Indians and to encourage the development of human resources of the Indian people;
and to establish program assistance to upgrade Indian education that will support the right of Indian citizens and for other purposes.
Examples of Funded Projects

Fiscal Year 2008: Past projects funded were for mineral management of tribal lands in Montana where three tribes are conducting the inspection and enforcement of Indian oil and gas operations, inspection, enforcement and production of Indian operations.

In addition, many cadastral surveys are being conducted on tribal and allottee lands in Alaska.

Fiscal Year 2009: No Current Data Available Fiscal Year 2010: No Current Data Available

Agency - Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior protects and provides access to the Nation's natural and cultural heritage, including responsibilities to Indian tribes and island communities. Departmental goals include resource protection and usage, overseeing recreational opportunities, serving communities and excellence in management.

Office - See Regional Agency Offices.
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