Missing Alzheimer"s Disease Patient Assistance Program

This program provides funds for projects that aid in the protection and location of missing persons living with Alzheimer s disease and related dementias and other missing elderly individuals.

It is currently estimated that 5.3 million people in the United States alone are living with Alzheimer
s disease or some form of dementia.

Over 60 percent (3.1 million individuals) of those with dementia will wander at some point.

More than 50 percent of those who wander become lost and separated from their loved ones.

Law enforcement agencies often expend resources searching for missing persons with Alzheimer s disease, and if not found quickly, they are at high risk of serious injury or even death.

In addition, law enforcement officers may not be trained or equipped to handle the special needs of those with Alzheimer s, once they are found.

Agency - Department of Justice

The Department of Justice enforces the law and defends the interest of the United States, ensuring public safety against threats foreign and domestic; providing Federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; seeking just punishment for those guilty of unlawful pursuits; and ensuring fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

Office - See Regional Agency Offices.

Program Accomplishments

Not Applicable.

Uses and Use Restrictions

Applications are solicited for projects, pursuant to Congressional appropriations, that address one or more of the following: (1) Develop or enhance a national outreach program to increase awareness among law enforcement agencies and the public in addressing the needs of missing persons with Alzheimer s disease.

This national outreach program should include partnerships between national level law enforcement and Alzheimer s disease associations, and may include providing a website that serves as a national clearinghouse of information and resources for those involved with missing persons.

(2) Develop and/or sustain a national registry for persons living with Alzheimer s disease or other form of dementia.

(3) Develop and/or implement a process for aiding in the location of lost persons with Alzheimer s disease.

(4) Provide training and substantive informational material to law enforcement agencies through a national or regional initiative.

(5) Support the development of a model policy that can be implemented nationwide by law enforcement agencies.

Because there is no guarantee of future funding for this initiative, the successful applicant must address sustainability for any website and/or national registry developed or enhanced, beyond federal funding awarded under this solicitation.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

Local (includes State-designated lndian Tribes, excludes institutions of higher education and hospitals: Law, Justice, and Legal Services.

Public nonprofit institution/organization (includes institutions of higher education and hospitals): Law, Justice, and Legal Services.

Federally Recognized lndian Tribal Governments: Law, Justice, and Legal Services.

Profit organization: Law, Justice, and Legal Services.

Private nonprofit institution/organization (includes institutions of higher education and hospitals): Law, Justice, and Legal Services

Beneficiary Eligibility

Public nonprofit institution/organization; Other public institution/organization


No Credentials or documentation are required. This program is excluded from coverage under OMB Circular No. A-87.

Aplication and Award Process

Preapplication Coordination

Preapplication coordination is not applicable.

Environmental impact information is not required for this program.

This program is excluded from coverage under E.O.


Application Procedures

OMB Circular No. A-102 applies to this program. OMB Circular No. A-110 applies to this program.

Award Procedures

An award is granted by the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs, and must be accepted by the applicant agency or institution according to the special conditions of the grant or cooperative agreement.


Contact the headquarters or regional office, as appropriate, for application deadlines.


Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2009, Public Law 111-8.

Range of Approval/Disapproval Time

From 30 to 60 days.


Determined by the Assistant Attorney General, OJP.


Grants can be extended by submitting a written justification for an extension to the Bureau of Justice Assistance office for review. Extensions are subject to approval by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and renewals of congressional funding.

Assistance Considerations

Formula and Matching Requirements

This program has no statutory formula.

Matching requirements are not applicable to this program.

This program does not have MOE requirements.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance

Project duration period will be up to 18 months. The project start date should be on or after October 1, 2009. See the following for information on how assistance is awarded/released: Contact BJA for further assistance.

Post Assistance Requirements


Program reports are not applicable.

Cash reports are not applicable.

Progress Reports which consist of semi-annual program progress reports.

Quarterly Financial Reports are required.

To assist in fulfilling the Department s responsibilities under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Public Law 103-62, applicants who receive funding under this solicitation must provide data that measures the results of their work.


In accordance with the provisions of OMB Circular No. A-133 (Revised, June 27, 2003), "Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations," nonfederal entities that expend financial assistance of $500,000 or more in Federal awards will have a single or a program-specific audit conducted for that year. Nonfederal entities that expend less than $500,000 a year in Federal awards are exempt from Federal audit requirements for that year, except as noted in Circular No. A-133. Payments and transactions are subject to audits by the Government Accountability Office, Department of Justice"s Office of the Inspector General, State or local government auditors, and auditors from independent public accounting firms. Jurisdictions must follow their local policies and procedures, including maintenance of reliable and accurate accounting systems, record keeping, and systems of internal control. All organizations that expend financial assistance of $500,000 or more in any fiscal year must have a single audit for that year in accordance with OMB Circular No. A-133, as amended, unless the audit condition on the award says otherwise. These audits are due to the cognizant Federal agency not later than 9 months after the end of the grantee"s fiscal year.


All grantees are required to establish and maintain accounting systems and financial records in order to account for funds awarded to them.

Financial Information

Account Identification



(Project Grants) FY 08 $94,000; FY 09 est $2,000,000; FY 10 est $0

Range and Average of Financial Assistance

BJA may make one or more awards under this category.

Regulations, Guidelines, and Literature

Office of Justice Programs Financial Guide. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/financialguide/

Information Contacts

Regional or Local Office

See Regional Agency Offices.

Headquarters Office

Bureau of Justice Assistance Policy Office, 810 Seventh Street NW, Washington 20531 Email: AskBJA@usdoj.gov Phone: (202-) 616-6500 or (1-866-) 859-

Criteria for Selecting Proposals

Selection criteria are outlined in the OJP Program solicitation.

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