National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP)

To enhance the quality and completeness of the nation's criminal history record systems; to provide financial and technical assistance to States for the establishment or improvement of computerized criminal history record systems and in their efforts to collect data on stalking and domestic violence;

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to improve data accessibility and support data transmissions to national systems will permit the immediate identification of persons who are prohibited from purchasing firearms, are subject to domestic violence protective orders, or are ineligible to hold positions of responsibility involving children, the elderly, or the disabled; to support the development of accurate and complete State sex offender identification and registration systems which interface with the FBI's Sex Offender Registry and meet applicable Federal and State requirements; to develop and improve the processes for identifying, classifying, collecting, and entering data regarding stalking and domestic violence into local, State, and national crime information databases; to ensure that criminal justice systems are designed, implemented, or upgraded to be compliant where applicable, with the FBI operated National Instant Criminal Background Check System and Interstate Automated Fingerprint Identification System, meet other applicable statewide or regional criminal justice information sharing standards and plans; and, build upon ongoing efforts so as to support the wide range of technology based, criminal justice information, identification, and communications needs identified by the States.

Agency - Department of Justice

The Department of Justice enforces the law and defends the interest of the United States, ensuring public safety against threats foreign and domestic; providing Federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; seeking just punishment for those guilty of unlawful pursuits; and ensuring fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

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