Global Threat Reduction

The U.S.

Department of State"s Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (ISN/CTR), part of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, supports programs aimed at reducing the threat posed by terrorist organizations or states of concern seeking to acquire weapons of mass destruction

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(WMD) expertise, material, and equipment.

ISN/CTR programs, also known as Global Threat Reduction (GTR) programs, accomplish this task by funding a variety of projects that aim to enhance biological, chemical, and nuclear security practices and productively engage scientists with WMD-applicable expertise in civilian pursuits.

In addition to continued efforts in the former Soviet Union to engage WMD experts, GTR programs are working to reduce the rapidly growing worldwide WMD threat posed by terrorists, non-state actors, and proliferant states.

GTR programs are threat-driven and focus on frontline states like Iraq and Yemen, critical states such as Indonesia and Philippines, and in regions where the terrorist threat is on the rise, such as South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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