Overseas Refugee Assistance Program for Near East and South Asia

In the Near East: Return and reintegration assistance of up to two million Iraqi refugees, recent returnees, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) is a high priority to the Bureau.

Programs will support return and reintegration activities for voluntary returnees, as well as assist existing populations
in neighboring countries until refugees elect for voluntary return.

Programs inside Iraq will also help strengthen local structures so that Iraqi government policies and programs will be responsive to refugees and other victims of conflict.

The Bureau supports UN programs that provide some stability in the lives of the 4.3 million Palestinian refugee population in an increasingly difficult environment and contributes to building a climate conducive to a peaceful resolution of regional problems.

In South Asia: The Bureau will continue support for the unprecedented, large-scale return and reintegration programs for Afghan refugees and IDPs, although at reduced financial levels.

The Bureau will also continue supporting protection and assistance activities for many of the 3.5 million refugees who remain in Pakistan and Iran and who may not repatriate in 2006 due to the security situation, persecution of certain ethnic groups, and Afghanistan's limited capacity to absorb additional returnees.

India is host to over 130,000 Tibetan refugees.

Congressionally earmarked funds administered by PRM supports the Tibet Fund's assistance of approximately 2,500 new Tibetan refugees who arrive in India each year.

PRM's regional contribution to UNHCR also supports protection, care and maintenance for 106,000 Bhutanese refugees in southeastern Nepal.

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