Native Initiatives

To promote economic revitalization and community development through financial and technical Financial assistance to Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and a complementary series of training programs called Expanding Native Opportunities.

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Fiscal Year 2009: Expanding Native Opportunities (ENO) is a training initiative focused on increasing the number of Native CDFIs, strengthening the operation capacity of existing Native CDFIs, and guiding Native CDFIs in the creation of important financial education and asset building programs for their communities.

These programs are fully funded by the CDFI Fund and administered by contractors that are selected through a competitive bidding process.

In FY 2009, Native Initiatives awarded three contracts for capacity building including:
•Native Communities Financing Initiative (NCFI) - is an intensive series of workshops and follow-up technical assistance conducted over a 12-month period to help Native Communities develop and expand Native CDFIs;
•Native Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development Initiative (NEED) - focuses on entrepreneurship development systems, curricula integration and program development at the local level; and
•Native Financial Skills Initiative (NFSI) - is a training of the trainers in the Building Native Communities financial education curriculum and integrated asset building programs.

Fiscal Year 2010: Financial Assistance awards are primarily used for financing capital.

Technical Assistance grants are usually used to acquire products or services including computer technology; staff training; professional services, like market analysis; and support for other general capacity-building activities.

Highlights of the Native American CDFI Assistance Program:
•$10 million will be awarded FY 2010;
•$15.8 million was awarded in 2009, including $8 in funding made possible through the Recovery Act;
•There are currently 57 certified Native CDFIs from 17 states;
•$46.8 million has been awarded since the inception of the program; and
•Over $8 million in contracts have been awarded to organizations that provide capacity-building and financial services training programs that are focused on Native Communities.

Fiscal Year 2011: No data available at this time.

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