Veterans State Adult Day Health Care

To provide a community-based program designed to meet the needs of adults with impairments through individual plans of care.

This type of structured, comprehensive, nonresidential program provides a variety of health, social, and related support services in a protective setting.

By supporting
families and caregivers, an adult day services program enables the person to live in the community.

An adult day services program assesses the needs of the persons served and offers services to meet those needs.

The persons served attend on a planned basis.

Nothing in this generic description of adult day services may be construed to modify the specific services or eligibility requirements referenced in the definition of adult day care and adult day health.

Agency - Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs strives for excellence in patient care and veteran's benefits for its constituents through high quality, prompt and seamless service to United States veterans.

Office - See Appendix IV of the Catalog for Veterans Hospital Facilities.
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