Office of Environmental Waste Processing

In an effort to more directly support opportunities identified in the Office of Environmental Management (EM) cleanup acceleration initiatives, the Office of Processing will be "projectizing" its Technology Development and Deployment Program.

This represents a transition from
the current approach, which is to develop technologies that are alternatives to existing site baseline technologies, to provide short-term technical assistance, and to provide support for near-term closure needs.

The projectized approach will address the technology needs being identified by the EM sites, enabling them to accelerate their cleanup schedules, treat orphaned wastes, and provide technical foundations for the sites' End States visions.

The Technology Development and Deployment Project is focused on a limited number of critical, high-risk and high-payback activities where step improvements can be gained.

By realigning the project in this manner, the Department is ensuring that the activities support EMs primary goal of accelerating risk reduction and environmental cleanup.

The highest priority needs requiring technical solutions fall into five major areas: High-Level Waste, Groundwater and Soils, Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D), Spent Nuclear Fuel, and Transuranic Waste.
Examples of Funded Projects

Cooperative Agreements: (1) develop a remote instrumentation system capable of providing quantitative estimates of the amount, chemical composition, and location of residual waste; (2) conduct basic and applied research in robotics and subsidence concerns; (3) develop new grout formulations that will minimize waste canisters, shipments, and costs; (4) develop conceptual model for mercury bio-availability in soil and water; and (5) develop prototype design for tank inspection tool.

Grants: (1) develop alternatives for retrieval, processing, and disposition of high-level salt waste; and (2) develop alternative D&D technologies for solving multiple material handling and size reduction tasks; (3) develop mercury remediation strategies; (4) develop methods to enhance phytoremediation of metals and radionuclides in soil; and (5) develop innovative separations technologies for waste treatment.

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The Department of Energy's goal is to advance national, economic and energy security in the U.S.; to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that goal; and to ensure environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.

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