National Resource Centers Program for Foreign Language and Area Studies or Foreign Language and Inte

Centers: To promote instruction in those modern foreign languages and area and international studies that are critical to national needs by supporting the establishment, strengthening and operation of such programs at colleges and universities.

Centers may focus on undergraduate training only

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or may be comprehensive, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional training components.

Fellowships: To meet the needs of the United States for experts in modern foreign languages combined with area studies and world affairs by supporting fellowships for graduate study at institutions for higher education.
Related Programs

Examples of Funded Projects

The University of Washington/East Asia Studies Center offers training programs in East Asian languages and in a wide variety of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and in professional schools.

The Center for Advanced Study of International Development and the Women and International Development programs at Michigan State University offer courses and activities focused on development studies in the new era of globalization.

University of Wisconsin/Latin American Studies Center offers courses in languages and in many disciplines at the undergraduate level in all participating campuses.

The Madison and Milwaukee campuses offer extensive graduate and some professional training programs in Latin American studies as well.

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