Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities_National Programs

To enhance the Nation's efforts to prevent the illegal use of drugs and violence among, and promote safety and discipline for, students at all educational levels; and to support mentoring programs for at-risk children.

Related Programs

Examples of Funded Projects

Projects that develop and implement a "Safe Schools/Healthy Students" model designed to comprehensively address multiple factors that predispose youth to drug use and violence.

Project that support local educational agencies and higher education institutions in improving and refining their emergency management plans.

Projects to reduce alcohol use by high school students.

Mentoring programs for children who are at risk of educational failure, dropping out of school, or involvement in criminal or delinquent activities, or who lack strong role models.

Projects that develop, improve, expand, or enhance the collection of data related to youth drug use and violence, and develop and implement processes to ensure that high-quality data are used to inform policy, assess needs, select interventions, and assess success of drug and violence prevention activities funded under the SDFSCA State Grants Program.

Drug and violence prevention programs for college students.