Foreign Language Assistance

To support innovative model programs of foreign language study in public elementary and secondary schools.

Examples of Funded Projects

The program supports foreign language instruction in elementary schools, immersion programs, curriculum development, professional development, and distance learning.

One school district is designing a new plan for dual language immersion that will improve the program and serve as a model for other districts.

The new plan will outline how administrators, teachers, university researchers, students, and parents can collaborate to increase student academic success and English and Spanish language proficiency while developing an appreciation for multiculturalism.

The new plan will address all significant gaps and needs in the current immersion program, offering improvements that are based on state and national standards, research on language acquisition, best practices of instruction, and rigorous evaluation.

Agency - Department of Education

The Department of Education ensures equal access to education and promotes educational excellence through coordination, management and accountability in Federal education programs. The Department works to supplement and complement educational efforts on all levels, encouraging increased involvement by the public, parents and students.