Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants

To improve student achievement; improve the quality of the current and future teaching force by improving the preparation of prospective teachers and enhancing professional development activities; hold institutions of higher education accountable for preparing teachers who have the necessary teaching
skills and are highly competent in the academic content areas in which the teachers plan to teach; train pre-service teachers in the effective uses of technology in the classroom; and recruit highly qualified individuals, including individuals from other occupations, into the teaching force.
Examples of Funded Projects

Funds are used to carry out reforms in the way teachers are recruited and prepared with a view toward developing improved clinical experiences; adopting reforms in licensing and certification requirements; developing improved recruitment and hiring procedures for new teachers; and conducting professional development in the use of technology to improve education.

Agency - Department of Education

The Department of Education ensures equal access to education and promotes educational excellence through coordination, management and accountability in Federal education programs. The Department works to supplement and complement educational efforts on all levels, encouraging increased involvement by the public, parents and students.