Surveillance of Hazardous Substance Emergency Events

To assist State health departments in developing a State-based surveillance system for monitoring hazardous substance emergency events.

This surveillance system will allow the State health department to better understand the public health impact of hazardous substance emergencies by developing,
implementing, and evaluating a State-based surveillance system.
Examples of Funded Projects

Funded projects are cooperative agreements to State governments to develop, implement, and maintain an emergency event surveillance system.

All projects have as their overall objectives: A.

Describe the type and cause of morbidity experienced by employees, first responders and the general public as a result of selected hazardous substance emergencies; B.

Develop and propose strategies to reduce subsequent morbidity and mortality when comparable events occur in the future; C.

Evaluate the public health impact of hazardous material releases, expand the access to databases with relevant hazardous material events and provide annual summaries of public health impacts; and D.

Continue formal and informal interactions with State programs and local emergency responders, as well as private industry, to yield new resources and more complete information on emergency events.

Agency - Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services is the Federal government