Chiropractic Demonstration Project Grants

Grants are awarded to carry out demonstration projects in which chiropractors and physicians collaborate to identify and provide effective treatment for spinal and lower-back conditions.

The project requirements include: (1) The project must address the identification and treatment of spinal and/or
lower-back conditions; (2) the project must be founded on collaborative efforts between chiropractors and allopathic or osteopathic physicians; (3) each project must include a strong research protocol which will result in a significant expansion of documented research in the area addressed and which is suitable for publication in referred health professions journals, including research oriented publications; (4) the project must include an explicit strategy for case-finding and a strategy for making direct comparisons to other forms of treatment.

The results must be generalizable to patients cared for in a clinical practice addressing spinal and/or lower-back conditions; and (5) whenever feasible, minorities and women should be included in study populations so that research findings can be of benefit to all persons at risk of the disease, disorder, or condition under study.
Examples of Funded Projects

Funded projects include research projects including interdisciplinary evaluation of elderly back pain treatment outcomes by medical doctors and chiropractors; chiropractic treatment and exercise for geriatric patients with low back pain; and chiropractic treatment and exercise for geriatric patients with neck pain.

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