Cooperative Agreements for State Treatment Outcomes and Performance Pilot Studies Enhancement

To enable project States to collect information on SAPT Block Grant funded treatment services and monitor common substance abuse treatment effectiveness data measures across various State management information systems (MIS).

This program will support evaluation programs to design or enhance State
MISs or Outcome Management Systems which examine treatment effectiveness and costs through standardized performance and outcome measures while incorporating these common data measures on an inter-State (i.e., with the States acting mutually together) basis.
Examples of Funded Projects

Some examples of subject areas funded are: 1) Enhancement of an Outcomes Monitoring System (OMS) that is sustainable, affordable and that allows continual tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of the State's substance abuse treatment providers; (2) development of a standardized approach for systematically measuring the performance of substance abuse treatment providers and the treatment outcomes of clients as they a progress through the State treatment system; and (3) measuring patient status in the Addiction Severity Index's seven domains at both baseline and at a 12-month, post baseline follow-up.

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