National Forum for State and Territorial Chief Executives

The National Forum program assists governors and their key policy staff in the development and implementation of innovative solutions to health policy challenges in their States and Territories, including promising and/or evidence-based practices relating to health promotion and disease prevention, healthcare
workforce development, health and social services delivery, and other emerging issues.

Program goals include: (1) encourage the integration of HRSA s various primary care and public health activities, including supporting quality improvement methods and initiatives to drive the integration of public health practice, primary care delivery and the infrastructure which support these activities; (2) partner with, and seek alignment of projects with State and local government entities and programs that contribute towards population health and health policy development including health surveillance, health promotion, and prevention of disease and injury; (3) incorporate indicators of primary care and public health system integration such as establishing multi-stakeholder coalitions, aligning with national and regional health and human services initiatives; and (4) leverage and pro