Learn and Serve America_School and Community Based Programs

To encourage elementary and secondary schools and community-based agencies to create, develop, and offer service- learning opportunities for school- age youth; educate teachers about service- learning and incorporate service-learning opportunities into classrooms to enhance academic learning; coordinate
adult volunteers in schools; and introduce young people to a broad range of careers and encourage them to pursue further education and training.
Examples of Funded Projects

In a Minnesota service-learning program, high school students visit the St.

Louis River as part of a chemistry class to test water quality and initiate local pollution control.

Third graders, in an Indiana program, spend time with seniors in nursing homes.

Information is gathered and friends are made of long- time residents of their community as part of an English Project for a book on local history.

Agency - Corporation for National and Community Service

The Corporation for National and Community Service is the nation's largest grant-maker supporting service and volunteering. Through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps and Learn and Serve America programs, the Corporation is a catalyst for change and offers every American a chance to contribute through service and volunteering.

Office - See Appendix IV of the Catalog for a list of regional offices.