Social Security Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program

To comply with the Ticket-to-Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act (TWWIIA) which was passed in December 1999, and reauthorized by the Social Security Protection Act of 2004, which requires the SSA to establish a community-based work incentives planning and assistance program.

The purpose of

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this Program is to disseminate accurate information to beneficiaries with disabilities (including transition-to-work aged youth) about work incentives programs, and issues related to such programs, to enable them to make informed choices about working and whether or when to assign their Ticket to Work, as well as how available work incentives can facilitate their transition into the workforce.

The ultimate goal of the WIPA Program is to assist beneficiaries with disabilities succeed in their return to work efforts.
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(1) Independent Living Centers; (2) Goodwill Organizations; (3) University Based Programs; (4) Protection and Advocacy Organizations; (5) Vocational Rehabilitation Organizations (5) Hospitals.

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