Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grants
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If you want to submit an application under this program, you should be able to clearly point out the things that had already been achieved and accomplished by the organizations, institutions, and the people that have been involved in the implementation phase of the previous grant programs that are similar in nature to the grant in which you are applying for.

With that, you will then be asked to cite numerous techniques and strategies that will help improve these practices and its corresponding collection care system.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is prepared to award a funding amount of $250,000 under the Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grants Program.

The institutions and organizations that will be deemed eligible to submit an application under the Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grants Program are the following:

a) Museums

b) Libraries

c) Archives

d) Statewide service organizations

e) City, Local, Township and State agencies

f) United States Non-profit organizations

g) Consortia of libraries and museums The IMLS, however, has specified that they will not be accepting applications from individuals who are acting on their own and are not representing any of the eligible applicants stated above.

The Institute of Museum and Library services is the nation's leading source of federal funding for the nation's 17,500 museums and 122,000 libraries that are all located across the United States of America.

Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grants
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