Department of Agriculture: Technical Assistance and Training Grant
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In addition, the activities that can be funded by the Technical Assistance and Training Grants are those that involve the identification of water problems which are greatly associated to source, storage, treatment, and water distribution. Apart from that, the program also aims to identify and evaluate problems that are mainly associated with waste disposal problems that are related to waste collection, treatment and disposal.

The Department of Agriculture has stressed out that the funds could not and will not be used for activities such as recruitment of applications, duplication of current service, funding of political agendas, purchasing of real estate or service vehicles, and finally, improvement and renovation of office spaces.

The Department of Agriculture is set to administer funds with an overall maximum budget amounting to $17,000,000.

To know more about the Technical Assistance and Training Grants program, visit or go to the website.

Organizations and institutions will be deemed eligible to apply for the Technical Assistance and Training Grants program if they are/belong to any of the following:

Private nonprofit organizations such corporations, trusts, association cooperatives, or other organizations that are operated primarily for scientific, education, service, charitable, or similar purposes in the public interest and are not mainly established for purposes of obtaining profit.

The Department of Agriculture, the primary agency funding the Technical Assistance and Training Grant program, is the United States federal government's leading agency responsible for encouraging anti-hunger efforts, product and safe conservation efforts, and efforts to provide food for needy people all over the world.

Department of Agriculture: Technical Assistance and Training Grant
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