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Grants From the Department of Housing and Urban Development
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The programs that are offered by the HUD are divided into the following major categories:

1) The Office of Community Planning and Development - The programs under this office seek to create and develop viable communities by way of encouraging integrated approaches tat provide decent housing opportunities, suitable living environments, and more importantly, expanding economic opportunities for low and moderate income persons.

2) Federal Housing Administration (FHA) - The goal of the FHA is to provide mortgage insurance on loans that are made by FHA-approved third-party lenders through the United States and its territories. In addition, the FHA also intends to insure mortgages on single family and multifamily homes.

3) Office of Public and Indian Housing - The programs constituted under the Office of Public and Indian Housing is geared towards ensuring the development of safe, decent and affordable housing, the creation of opportunities for residents' economic independence, and finally, the assurance of the fiscal integrity of the all of the people who participated in the program.

4) Office of Sustainable Housing Communities - The programs under the Office of Sustainable Housing Communities are geared towards the creation of strong, sustainable communities by way of connecting housing opportunities to jobs, fostering local innovation and helping people build a clean energy economy.

The HUD offers a wide selection of programs and grants that are all geared towards the benefit of the American people. To read more about such programs, you can visit http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD.

Grants From the Department of Housing and Urban Development
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