Homebuyer Mortgage Program for First Time Homebuyers in Connecticut
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1) A first time homebuyer (someone who has not occupied or owned a home for last three years

2) Homebuyers (aside from first time homebuyers) who are planning to acquire a home in a targeted area

3) Homebuyers whose income does not exceed the limits set by CHFA

4) Homebuyers who have a good credit rating and credit history

5) Homebuyers who have a stable job and sufficient income that would cover long-term mortgage payments.

The types of properties that can be acquired under the Homebuyer Mortgage Program are the following:

1) Existing and new single-family homes, townhouses and Planned Unit Developments

2) Newly established homes that meet FHA’s energy efficiency standards

3) Condominiums that are approved by the CHFA

4) Two- to four-family homes which have been utilized as a residence for the past five years or newly built two-family homes in a CHFA targeted area

5) Mobile homes that are approved by the CHFA

6) Any of the following homes stated above that does not exceed the purchasing limits that are set by the CHFA.

Aside from the Homebuyer Mortgage Program, borrowers can also avail of other CHFA homebuyer programs such as the Downpayment Assistance Program which can be used in conjuction with the Homebuyer Mortgage Program.

Homebuyer Mortgage Program for First Time Homebuyers in Connecticut
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