Nutrition Obesity Research Centers Grant Program
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In the context of this program, a research core center is defined as an "identifiable unit within a university or medical center or a consortium of cooperating institutions, including an affiliated university."

The research studies that will be supported within these core centers are those that focus exclusively on nutritional sciences and/or obesity, and several other associated disorders.

The NIH and NIDDK has required that the grant applications to be submitted to them contain an administrative core plan which will state how the core centers will be run and managed.

In addition, the NIH and NIDDK has also stipulated that the core center will be required to maintain its own website, with the administrative core taking responsibility for its creation, content, and maintenance.

The funding agencies mentioned above are set to administer a total amount of $1,250,000 to support the activities covered under the Nutrition Obesity Research Centers Grant Program.

The institutions and organizations who will be considered eligible to submit an application under this program are the following:

a) State Governments, Country Governments, City or Township Governments, Special District Governments

b) Independent School Districts, Public and State Controlled Institutions of Higher Education

c) Native American Tribal Governments

d) Public and private nonprofit organizations

e) Private Institutions of Higher Education

f) Faith-based or Community-based Organizations and Regional Organizations.

Nutrition Obesity Research Centers Grant Program
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