Physical and Engineering Sciences in Oncology
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The proposals that will be submitted to the NSF should include the following:

a) The development of novel non-traditional physical and engineering sciences based approaches, materials, or platforms to thoroughly comprehend cancer disorders.

b) The generation of unique sets of physical measurements that are capable of providing insight into molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis, metastasis, drug resistance or other aspects of cancer that could potentially lead to a more effective treatment of the disease.

c) The development and evaluation of theoretical approaches that would provide a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of cancer disorders.

The NSF estimates that it would award 5 to 10 grants to different applicants, with each grant amounting to $2,000,000 to $3,000,000.

The institutions and organizations that will be considered eligible to submit an application for the Physical and Engineering Sciences in Oncology Program are the following:

a) Universities and two- and four-year colleges including community colleges that are located in the United States

b) Non-profit, non-academic organizations such as Independent museums, observatories, research laboratories and professional societies

c) For-profit organizations

d) State, Local, City and Township Governments

e) Unaffiliated Individuals such as Scientists, engineers or educators

f) Foreign organizations

g) Other Federal agencies.

Physical and Engineering Sciences in Oncology
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