Small Business Administration's Recovery Capital Loans
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The Recovery Capital Loans Program offers deferred payment loans in the ceiling amount of $35,000 which could be payable for up to 5 years, and will not begin until 12 months after the final disbursements of funds are made.

The program is primarily designed to help small businesses pay for existing, qualifying small business loan for an period of time that does not exceed six months.

The Small Business Administration will also accept any type of available collateral in order to secure loans that are made under the Recovery Capital Loans Program.

To know more about this program, visit or go to the website.

Small Business with less than 500 employees will be eligible to take part in the Recovery Capital Loans Program.

The Small Business Administration, the principal agency funding this program, is primarily responsible for the maintenance and strengthening of nation's economy and they seek to achieve this by aiding, counseling, assisting and protecting the interests of small business establishments.

In the year 2009, the Small Business Administration has administered an estimated $255,000,000 for the Recovery Capital Loans Program.

Small Business Administration's Recovery Capital Loans
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