Small Business Grants - Support for Veterans
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The Patriot Express Loan is provided to members of the military community including service disabled veterans, veterans, widowed spouses of a veteran or a service member who died during service or of a service connected disability, and active-duty service members who participated in the military's transitions assistance program. However, the grant of this loan gives a level of authority to the lender who makes sure that the loan is used exclusively for business purposes only.

The role of the SBA in monitoring lenders is critical in the Patriot Express Loan process. It's the SBA's duty to observe whether the lender is taking reasonable measures to ensure that the debt is solely and exclusively used for small commercial purposes. All this work is carried out with appropriate proof and verification to get hold of guaranteed loans from federal agencies.

Unfortunately, the SBA is unable to grant special loan programs and funds to help either disabled persons or veterans. However, these people are still eligible for the rest of SBA's loan guaranty programs. Moreover, veterans are entitled for SBA's special consideration under the loan guaranty program. Lenders are expected to make clear specifications that all loans provided by them must only be used for commercial reasons. On the other hand, small business loans for veterans have lower interest rates and the fees cannot be charged before the Patriot Express Loan is provided to the borrowers.

Small Business Grants - Support for Veterans
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