Malawi USAID-Lilongwe Grants

Department of Health and Human Services
 $17,142,029,311 Department of Labor
 $8,284,224,457 Department of Education
 $7,914,466,933 Department of the Interior
 $6,062,761,789 Department of Justice
 $4,768,180,433 Department of State
 $4,154,196,774 Department of Transportation
 $4,091,120,459 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
 $3,586,952,674 Department of Homeland Security
 $3,304,282,219 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $3,289,411,527 Department of Defense
 $2,972,029,894 Agency for International Development
 $2,866,679,395 National Science Foundation
 $2,526,923,630 Department of Agriculture
 $1,848,216,556 Department of Commerce
 $1,618,555,565 Department of Energy
 $1,050,783,010 Other Agencies

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
The United States Government, represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Mission in Malawi, is publishing this Request for Information (RFI) in order to...more
Posted On - 2019-11-07

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
Implementing Partners Assessemnt, Audit and Capacity Building Technical Assistance in...more
Posted On - 2019-10-11

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
EMPOWER is a five-year program with the goal of preventing new Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections in targeted populations in PEPFAR priority districts in Malawi. EMPOWER will strive to...more
Posted On - 2019-08-26

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
The goal of this APS is to contribute to the Agency’s strategic priorities of 1) Preventing child and maternal deaths; 2) Combating infectious diseases and 3) achieving HIV epidemic control in...more
Posted On - 2019-08-14

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
The goal of this mechanism is to create a central platform for procurement of support services that will strengthen, support and facilitate USAID’s capacity for applying monitoring, evaluation,...more
Posted On - 2019-06-26

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
The purpose of the REFRESH activity is to conserve the freshwater biodiversity of Lake Malawi by restoring the natural fisheries productivity in the lakeshore districts of Karonga, Rumphi, Likoma,...more
Posted On - 2019-03-13

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
Request For Information (RFI) Restoring Fisheries for Sustainable Livelihoods in Lake Malawi (REFRESH)...more
Posted On - 2018-12-14

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
Dear Stakeholders: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission in Malawi, (USAID/Malawi) seeks comments from all interested organizations regarding a related group of...more
Posted On - 2018-09-06

Malawi USAID-Lilongwe
USAID/Malawi has developed a Request for Information for the purpose of knowing: 1) ways to strengthen incentives and disincentives to counter illegal, and unsustainable firewood and charcoal...more
Posted On - 2018-06-12

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Is Re-Housing Unwanted Furniture

Social Enterprise Is Re-Housing Unwanted Furniture

Weston Mill-based social enterprise Surplus Rescue CIC (Community Interest Company) recycles and finds homes for unwanted furniture. To date, it has received “extensive amounts” of quality second-hand furniture including desks, pedestals, cupboards and office chairs from a former local authority office equipment – and wants to find them a good home.

Jobs in the Social Sector

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