Federal Grants for Agriculture

Department of Health and Human Services
 $17,142,029,311 Department of Labor
 $8,284,224,457 Department of Education
 $7,914,466,933 Department of the Interior
 $6,062,761,789 Department of Justice
 $4,768,180,433 Department of State
 $4,154,196,774 Department of Transportation
 $4,091,120,459 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
 $3,586,952,674 Department of Homeland Security
 $3,304,282,219 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $3,289,411,527 Department of Defense
 $2,972,029,894 Agency for International Development
 $2,866,679,395 National Science Foundation
 $2,526,923,630 Department of Agriculture
 $1,848,216,556 Department of Commerce
 $1,618,555,565 Department of Energy
 $1,050,783,010 Other Agencies

Strengthening East African Community Phytosanitary Priorities

Technical Agricultural Assistance 10.960
EAC Partner States (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda) have many challenges in handling Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) matters at the national level, with differing ability...more
Posted On - 2020-07-01

Strengthening West African Community Phytosanitary Practices

Technical Agricultural Assistance 10.960
Program OverviewThe U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Office of Capacity Building and Development (OCBD) seeks to strengthen and further the technical...more
Posted On - 2020-07-01

Monitoring Soil Health Impacts of CRP

Farm Production and Conservation Business Center
Monitoring Soil Health Impacts of...more
Posted On - 2020-06-29

Enabling Agricultural Innovations for Sustainable Food Security: Biotechnology and Seeds Systems in Asia and Africa

Technical Agricultural Assistance 10.960
A key strategic goal for the U.S. Government (USG) and of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is to conduct international outreach and communication regarding the role and importance of...more
Posted On - 2020-06-26

Development of a Time Release Study Methodology for Agricultural Goods

Technical Agricultural Assistance 10.960
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) seeks to deepen its understanding of the various barriers impacting the time it takes agricultural goods to cross...more
Posted On - 2020-06-22

2020 Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship

Norman E. Borlaug Intl Ag Science and Tech 10.777
BACKGROUND Since 2004, the U.S. Congress has made funds available to the Borlaug Fellowship Program to advance USDA’s agricultural research goals of promoting collaborative programs among...more
Posted On - 2020-06-16

FSIS FERN Cooperative Agreement Program

Food Safety Inspection Service
The Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) currently comprises federal, state, and local government regulatory laboratories with varying capacities to perform threat agent testing. The FERN division...more
Posted On - 2020-06-10

Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative

National Institute of Food and Agriculture
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI) focuses on collaborative science engagement and invites innovative research proposals that...more
Posted On - 2020-06-05

Learning, Analytics, and Knowledge Management Support in Kenya

Technical Agricultural Assistance 10.960
PurposeThe purpose of this NOFO is to support ongoing applied research and analysis of U.S.government (USG) food security and economic growth programming in Kenya and EastAfrica. The proposed...more
Posted On - 2020-06-03

Social Entrepreneurship

‘Nerdy’ Social Enterprise Marries Socially Conscious Clothing With Business-like Efficiency

‘Nerdy’ Social Enterprise Marries Socially Conscious Clothing With Business-like Efficiency

Orane Barrett, a Jamaican-born founder of a New York-based clothing brand called Kool Nerd, gives the term 'nerd’ a whole new meaning. And it’s not just that – Kool Nerd sells t-shirts as a “positive marketing tool to communicate the positive values of today’s nerd and inspire future kool nerds to join the movement.”

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