Federal Grants for Agriculture

Department of Health and Human Services
 $17,142,029,311 Department of Labor
 $8,284,224,457 Department of Education
 $7,914,466,933 Department of the Interior
 $6,062,761,789 Department of Justice
 $4,768,180,433 Department of State
 $4,154,196,774 Department of Transportation
 $4,091,120,459 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
 $3,586,952,674 Department of Homeland Security
 $3,304,282,219 Department of Housing and Urban Development
 $3,289,411,527 Department of Defense
 $2,972,029,894 Agency for International Development
 $2,866,679,395 National Science Foundation
 $2,526,923,630 Department of Agriculture
 $1,848,216,556 Department of Commerce
 $1,618,555,565 Department of Energy
 $1,050,783,010 Other Agencies

Regional Food System Partnerships

Agricultural Marketing Service
The RFSP supports partnerships that connect public and private resources to plan and develop local or regional food systems. The RFSP focuses on building and strengthening local or regional food...more
Posted On - 2021-05-05

Farmers Market Promotion Program

Agricultural Marketing Service
FMPP funds projects that develop, coordinate, and expand direct producer-to-consumer markets to help increase access to and availability of locally and regionally produced agricultural products. The...more
Posted On - 2021-05-05

Local Food Promotion Program

Agricultural Marketing Service
LFPP funds projects that develop, coordinate, and expand local and regional food business enterprises that engage as intermediaries in indirect producer to consumer marketing to help increase access...more
Posted On - 2021-05-05

Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops

Foreign Agricultural Service
The TASC program is designed to assist U.S. organizations by providing funding for projects that seek to remove, resolve, or mitigate existing or potential sanitary, phytosanitary, or technical...more
Posted On - 2021-04-23

Quality Samples Program

Quality Samples Program 10.605
Program Overview, Objectives, and PrioritiesThe QSP is designed to encourage the development and expansion of export markets for U.S. agricultural commodities by assisting U.S. entities in providing...more
Posted On - 2021-04-23

Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program

Foreign Market Development Cooperator Prog 10600
The Cooperator program is designed to maintain and develop foreign markets for United States agricultural commodities and products through cost–share assistance. Financial assistance under the...more
Posted On - 2021-04-23

Market Access Program

Market Access Program 10.601
The MAP is designed to encourage the development, maintenance, or expansion of commercial export markets for United States agricultural commodities and products through cost–share assistance....more
Posted On - 2021-04-23

Emerging Markets Program

Emerging Markets Program 10.603
Program Overview, Objectives, and Priorities: The EMP is established to develop, maintain, or expand markets for exports of United States agricultural commodities and to promote cooperation and...more
Posted On - 2021-04-23

African Union Inter-African Phytosanitary Council (AU-IAPSC)

Technical Agricultural Assistance 10.960
Program DescriptionThis NOFO seeks to support teaching, research, and extension programming in plant health in the African continent, working in conjunction with the African Union Inter-African...more
Posted On - 2021-04-22

Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, in a collaborative venture with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and INSEAD, launches its latest Sustainable Investing Challenge.

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