Mineral Resources External Research Program

The Mineral Resources Program (MRP) of the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) is offering a grant and/or cooperative agreement opportunity to universities, State agencies, Tribal governments or organizations, and industry or other private sector organizations that have the ability to conduct research in

topics related to non-fuel mineral resources.

For Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 this has been expanded to include uranium.The total amount of funding available for the MRERP is expected to be $255,00 0. As of the posting date of this announcement the Federal appropriations process for FY 2010 was not complete.

The actual MRERP funding available will be determined when the appropriations process for FY 2010 is complete.

If changes are required because of the appropriations process, notice will be distributed by the same means as this notice.

If no further notice is received, the dates and amounts reported here should be taken as firm.

If the available funding remains $255,000, the MRP anticipates making awards in FY 2010 for 3 to 5 proposals submitted under this program announcement, however, individual proposals are not restricted to a set level of funding.

Work performance under these awards must be completed no later than one year from the start date.

The start date will be determined by the timing of funds availability and the signing of the award contract.

Two-Year Proposal OptionAll work that can be completed in one year should be proposed as a one-year project.

Applicants should carefully consider their time commitments and request the grant duration and funding required to accomplish the project goals.

If the proposed work is such that two years are required to complete the research, then a two-year proposal is appropriate and applicants are encouraged to write their proposals accordingly.

However, proposals should clearly define the work to be completed in the first and second years.

The MRERP review panel may recommend funding only the first year of a two-year proposal when the proposed research is easily divided into two, one-year projects or when they feel that results from the first year’s proposed work will need to be evaluated before a second year of research can be considered.The second year of funding of a two-year grant is contingent upon the availability of funds and satisfactory progress by the Recipient.

Progress will be determined through technical review of a Progress Report by the MRERP coordinator or his or her agent.

The Progress Report shall be submitted by the Recipient, in accordance with grant award reporting requirements (see Report Requirements section), 30 days prior to the end of the first year of funding.

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Minerals Resources External Research Program

Department of the Interior

Agency: Department of the Interior

Office: Geological Survey

Estimated Funding: $255,000

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FAITH GRAVESContract SpecialistPhone 703-648-7356

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