Call for Partnership Concept Papers - Scaling Investment in Off-Grid Energy Solutions in Africa

The Scaling Off-Grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development (SOGE) seeks to accelerate growth in the off-grid energy market to provide 20 million households in sub-Saharan Africa with access to modern, clean, and affordable electricity.

However, access to capital and cost of capital remains a

key market barrier, severely limiting enterprise growth and the household solar sector’s capacity to scale and mature as an industry.

USAID has found that small infusions of grant funding can assist early-stage enterprises to achieve investment readiness on accelerated timelines, increasing opportunities for private sector investment.

This call for Concept Papers is aimed at addressing this access to capital barrier.
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Agency for International Development

Agency: Agency for International Development

Office: None

Estimated Funding: Not Available

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
USAID’s Global Development Alliance (GDA) Annual Program Statement (APS)

Additional Information of Eligibility:
USAID welcomes applications from U. S. and non-U. S. private businesses and social enterprises.

All applicants must be legally recognized entities under applicable law.

This funding opportunity criterion does not include business and trade associations, foundations, U. S. and non-U. S. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations, international organizations, U. S. and non-U. S. colleges and universities, civic groups, or regional organizations.

An individual cannot apply as an applicant.

In accordance with 22 CFR 200.400 potential for-profit applicants should note that USAID policy prohibits the payment of fee/profit to the prime recipient under assistance instruments, and as 22 CFR 200.101 states that, unless specifically excluded, all requirements applying to recipients also apply to sub-recipients if they meet the definition of “recipients”; therefore, fee/profit under assistance type awards is also prohibited for sub-recipients.

Forgone profit does not qualify as cost-sharing or leveraging.

If a prime recipient has a (sub)-contract with a for-profit organization for the acquisition of goods or services (i.e., if a buyer-seller relationship is created), fee/profit for the (sub)-contractor is authorized.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Molly Doyle

Agency Email Description:
Questions regarding the substance and objectives of this Addendum should be directed to Molly Doyle

Agency Email: with copy to

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