American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)Funding Announcement for Enhancing the Interoperability of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

The purpose of this program is to provide support for the enhanced interoperability of EHR with IIS with a specific focus on the exchange of vaccination records and reducing the duplicate data entry burden on providers.

Direct funding to state and local CDC Immunization Program grantees with IIS


will be used to plan, enhance, adopt, and apply ONC endorsed health information technology standards for direct health care system interoperability.

Enhanced EHR-IIS interoperability will improve the completeness of immunization histories available to clinicians and public health, improve the timeliness of immunization data submission to an IIS, improve the quality of IIS coverage assessments, and the data available to other public health systems (e.g.

vaccine preventable disease surveillance units).

Improved interoperability will also reduce extra immunization, thereby saving time and resources.
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ARRAHealth Information Technology and Public Health

Department of Health and Human Services

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Please find the link to the full announcement at the top of this page.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
To address the purpose and measurable outcomes of the ARRA HITECH project, only CDC Immunization Program grantees that have a sufficient proportion of children participating in their IISs to permit adequate amounts of immunization data to be exchanged with EHRs are eligible to apply to this announcement.

Competition is limited to the 33 Section 317 Immunization Program grantees with IIS participation for children <6 years of age with two or more immunizations of ≥80% as reported to the CDC 2008 Immunization Information System Annual Report.

Only the following grantees have IIS child participation rates that enable significant EHR-IIS exchange of immunization data.

Grantees meeting these criteria are: 1.

Alabama 18.

New York City 2.

Arizona 19.

North Carolina 3.

Arkansas 20.

North Dakota 4.

Colorado 21.

Ohio 5.

Delaware 22.

Oklahoma 6.

District of Columbia 23.

Oregon 7.

Florida 24.

Philadelphia 8.

Georgia 25.

Rhode Island 9.

Idaho 26.

South Dakota 10.

Illinois 27.

Texas 11.

Iowa 28.

Utah 12.

Louisiana 29.

Vermont 13.

Michigan 30.

Washington 14.

Minnesota 31.

West Virginia 15.

Mississippi 32.

Wisconsin 16.

Montana 33.

Wyoming 17.

New Mexico

Full Opportunity Web Address:

CDCProcurement and Grants Office (PGO)Technical Information Management Section (TIMS)Phone 770-488-2700

Agency Email Description:
Technical Information Management Section (TIMS)

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