Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System BRFSS

The purpose of this FOA is to provide continued funding for current grantees under SO11-110 1. This competing continuation will provide financial and programmatic assistance to State Health Departments to 1) continue to maintain and expand specific surveillance using telephone and multimode survey

credit: Nathan Rouse

methodology of the behaviors of the general population that contribute to the occurrence of prevention of chronic diseases and injuries, 2) continue to maintain and expand the collection, analysis, and dissemination of BRFSS data to State categorical programs for their use in assessing trends, directing program planning, evaluating programs, establishing program priorities, developing policy, and targeting relevant population groups and 3) complete existing activities that would not otherwise be done because of limited time and funds.

This program addresses the “Healthy People 2020” focus areas of Disability and Health (DH-17), Health-Related Quality of Life and Well-Being for all Individuals, Older Adults (OA-2 and OA-3), and Social Determinants of Health.


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Eligible Applicants The following recipients may submit an application: •Eligible applicants are those that are currently funded under CDC-RFA-SO11-1101, to include all 50 State Health Departments or their bona fide agents, the District of Columbia Department of Health, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of Health.

Eligibility is limited to the aforementioned applicants because they have the necessary knowledge, experience, and capability/capacity to perform the required activities.

A bona fide agent is an agency/organization identified by the state as eligible to submit an application under the state eligibility in lieu of a state application.

If applying as a bona fide agent of a state, territory, or local government, a letter from the state, territory, or local government as documentation of the status is required.

Attach with “other Attachment Forms” when submitting application via www.Grants.Gov.

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CDC/PGOPhone 770-488-2700

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