Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two

This is the second round of an initiative that will fund applicants who propose new payment and service delivery models that will provide better health, better health care, and lower costs through improved quality for Medicare, Medicaid, and Children?s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollees.


Applicants will propose new service delivery models along with the design of corresponding new payment models.

If their applications are funded, awardees will be required to implement the service delivery models at the start of the three-year cooperative agreement period and submit a fully developed new Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP payment model by the end of the cooperative agreement period.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), at its discretion and consistent with the requirements of Section 1115A of the Social Security Act, may further develop one or more of these payment and service delivery models and open them to participation through a subsequent solicitation.

Successful applicants will demonstrate that they can implement a model that improves quality of care and reduces cost within the first six months of the award and delivers net savings to CMS within three years.----The Healthcare Innovation Awards Round 2 Application requires the following four separate supplemental forms.

These forms can be found at both 2. html and

1. Financial Plan 2. Operational Plan 3. Actuarial Review (Includes Authorizing Official and Chief Financial Officer approval) 4. Executive OverviewThese forms should be uploaded into the "Other Attachments File(s)" located inside the application kit.

All forms should be uploaded in their native format (Excel, Word document etc.).

A printed version of Actuarial Review .pdf should be completed, signed, scanned and uploaded as a .pdf file.

To assist you with the completion of your supplemental materials the following user guides are available.

Please note- these user guides SHOULD NOT be uploaded into application.

- Application User Guide- Preferred Measures List- Aims and Drivers for Improvement helpdesk ONLY supports users with the use of the application forms and application submission process in

All questions related to content and/or use of the supplemental forms MUST be directed to the CMMI program hotline at

Please also see our website for related upcoming webinars on the application and other Frequently Asked Questions at 2. html.
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Health Care Innovation Awards (HCIA)

Department of Health and Human Services

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two

Additional Information of Eligibility:
The intent of this initiative is to engage with a wide variety of innovators.

Interested parties of all types that meet the eligibility requirements specified in this section and have developed innovations that will drive significant improvement in population health, quality of care, and total cost of care and who can create a clear pathway to an alternate payment model based on their innovation are welcome to apply.

Examples of the types of organizations expected to apply are: provider groups, health systems, payers and other private sector organizations, faith-based organizations, state and/or local governments, academic institutions, research organizations, public-private partnerships, and for-profit organizations.

In addition, certain organizations may apply as conveners that assemble and coordinate the efforts of a group of participants.

Unsuccessful applicants from prior CMS funding competitions are eligible to apply.

Technology develope rs, including software designers and others creating solutions for health care providers, are welcome to apply.

However, any such technology model needs to reflect the actual use, not the development, of a product in a broader service delivery or payment model.

Applicants that develop open source technology or software that are placed in the public domain will be given preference.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Contact: Contact CenterPhone Number: 1-800-518-4726Hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contact center is closed on federal

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