Non-Profit Capacity Building Program

APPLICATIONS CANNOT BE SUBMITTED THROUGH GRANTS.GOV APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE CORPORATION�S EGRANTS SYSTEM: This Notice of Federal Funds Availability (Notice) announces the availability of funding for the Nonprofit Capacity


Building Program (NCBP), authorized by the Edward M.

Kennedy Serve America Act of 200 9. The NCBP is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service (the Corporation), whose mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering.

As the nation�s largest grantmaker for service and volunteering, the Corporation builds the capacity of America�s nonprofit sector by expanding the reach and impact of volunteers to address pressing social problems.

While the Serve America Act expands opportunities for Americans to serve through AmeriCorps and Senior Corps, it also broadens the Corporation�s role around catalyzing social innovation and support for the nonprofit sector beyond these traditional grant programs.

By creating the NCBP, Congress has recognized that many small and medium sized nonprofit organizations are significantly challenged in their ability to sustain and expand services and that organizational development assistance may be necessary to ensure the continuation of much-needed services in local communities.

Through grants awarded in this competition we aim to build the capacity of small and midsize nonprofits to develop and implement performance management systems.

Research suggests that an established framework of performance management is the pre-requisite and predictor of success on other aspects of nonprofit health such as financial planning and sustainability.

Grantees will provide recipients with organizational development assistance to establish procedures for measuring progress and improving performance towards intended outcomes leading to community impact.

The purpose of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Program (NCBP) is to increase the capacity of a small number of intermediary grantees to provide specific assistance to improve the sustainability of and expand services provided by small and midsize nonprofits in communities facing resource hardship challenges.

For the purposes of this competition, capacity building is defined as the provision of organizational development assistance designed to improve the performance of a nonprofit organization on specific indicators (see Section VII of the full Notice).

For the purposes of this competition, there is only one key indicator for improvement -- the ability of the nonprofit organization to fully implement a comprehensive performance management system.

Organizational development assistance can encompass a broad range of activities such as face-to-face and online training; technical assistance in person, by telephone, and online; and peer-to-peer or expert consultation, coaching, and mentoring; as well as other efforts to increase organizational infrastructure (see Section IV of the full Notice).

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Nonprofit Capacity Building

Corporation for National and Community Service

Agency: Corporation for National and Community Service

Office: None

Estimated Funding: $998,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Full announcement and instructions for applying to Nonprofit Capacity Building Program.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
This competition is open to all entities that meet the eligibility criteria as specified in this Notice.

Prior receipt of Corporation or other Federal grant funding is not a prerequisite to applying under this Notice.

To be eligible for a NCBP award, applicants must: Be a nonprofit organization as described in section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1986 and exempt from taxation under section 501 (a) of such code; or an entity of organization described in paragraph (1) or (2) of section 170(c) of such Code.

Operate within a defined geographic service area that can be city-wide, multi-city, state-wide, or limited multi-state region, and must be able to demonstrate that the nonprofits in its service area face significant resource challenges (See Section IV of the full Notice for justification criteria).

Have a strong track record of providing organizational development or capacity building assistance focusing on small- to mid-size nonprofit organizations.

A further discussion of the evaluation criteria for experienced and capable intermediary nonprofit organizations can be found in Section V of the full Notice.

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Nonprofit Capacity Building Program

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