Youth Opportunity AmeriCorps FY 2015

This funding opportunity is a program jointly sponsored by the Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to create a Youth Opportunity AmeriCorps.

This program is consistent with the missions

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of OJJDP and CNCS, and within the objectives of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

CNCS defines Opportunity Youth as economically disadvantaged1 individuals age 16-24 who are disconnected from school or work at least six months prior to service.

CNCS defines “disconnected from school or work” as unemployed, underemployed, and not in school for at least six months prior to service.

This program is specifically targeting Opportunity Youth that have been adjudicated in the juvenile justice system.

This program will provide Disconnected Youth with the opportunity to participate in a national service program and provide them with meaningful mentoring while they are serving.

Disconnected Youth is defined as individuals at least 17 but under 25 years old who have been adjudicated in the juvenile justice system, convicted in the criminal justice system, or have been identified as at risk of incarceration.Grant funding and member slots will be awarded to successful applicants to enroll Disconnected Youth, specifically individuals who are at least 17 but under 25 years old who have been adjudicated in the juvenile justice system, convicted in the criminal justice system, or identified as at-risk of incarceration, to serve as AmeriCorps members.

Recipients will also need to enroll additional members to provide mentoring and coaching to the Disconnected Youth members throughout their service.

Programs should target recruitment of two distinct types of AmeriCorps members:
1. Disconnected Youth who will be engaged in direct service to address a compelling community need.

Disconnected Youth may serve as full-time or less than full-time members.

2. Individuals who will have mentoring experience and/or applicable life experience to serve as mentors for Disconnected Youth.

In addition to providing direct service that addresses the community need, these AmeriCorps members will provide direct service as coaches and mentors to guide and to support the successful participation of the Disconnected Youth members in the program and position them for success after their service ends.

The program may enroll individuals over age 25 in this capacity, and members may be full-time or less than full-time.Program objectives will include:
• Engaging AmeriCorps members in an evidence-based or evidence-informed approach to provide a service intervention that will result in intended solutions to community problems.

• Matching Disconnected Youth AmeriCorps members with the one-on-one mentoring and support services needed to establish a self-sustaining, law abiding life and successfully reintegrate into the community.

• Developing and implementing comprehensive and collaborative member development strategies that address the challenges posed by offender reentry, recidivism reduction, and youth at risk of incarceration.

• Stabilizing communities by reducing recidivism and reintegrating offenders into the community.

Proposed programs should:
• Establish and maintain a mentoring relationship between the experienced member(s) and the Disconnected Youth AmeriCorps members.

• Be cognizant of and collaborate with other entities that also provide reentry or reentry-related activities.

This includes engagement with probation and parole offices for partnerships, collaboration, and sharing of data and information if the members are court involved.

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Corporation for National and Community Service

Agency: Corporation for National and Community Service

Office: None

Estimated Funding: Not Available

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Website that lists all the information needed to apply.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
The following organizations are eligible to apply: public or private nonprofit organizations (including faith-based and other community organizations); institutions of higher education; government entities within states or territories (e.g., cities, counties); government-recognized veteran service organizations; labor organizations; partnerships and consortia; and Indian Tribes.Single State Applicants Organizations that propose to operate in only one state or territory must apply through the Governor-appointed State or Territory Commissions.

Each state and territory administers its own selection process and puts forward to CNCS the applicants it selects to compete for funding.

Applicants operating in one state must contact their State Commissions to learn about their state or territory processes and deadlines which may be significantly before the CNCS deadlines and may have additional requirements.

The list of State and Territory Commissions can be found here: Direct Applicants Single State Applicants directed by their State Commission to apply directly to CNCS should do so.

Please note that, after reviewing applications, CNCS may discuss with the State Commission awarding the grant to the Commission in order for the Commission to award a sub-grant to the applicant.

Alternatively, CNCS may award the grant directly to the successful applicant, but also may work cooperatively with the State Commission to oversee and monitor performance of the grant.

Multi-state: Organizations that propose to operate AmeriCorps programs in more than one state or territory apply directly to CNCS.Federally-recognized Indian Tribes: May apply directly to CNCS or through a state commission.

Territories without Commissions: Applicants in American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U. S. Virgin Islands apply directly to CNCS because these Territories have not established a State Commission.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

For questions, please call (202) 606-7508 or send an email to

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direct email address for competition

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