AmeriCorps State and National Grants - FY 2010

Subject to the availability of appropriations for fiscal year 2010, the Corporation announces the anticipated availability of approximately $363 million to award new, re-competing, and continuation AmeriCorps State and National grants.

The grant categories are:
State Commission and National

Competitive including Professional Corps and Fixed-Amount Grants; State and National EAP; States and Territories without Commissions; and Indian Tribes.

In 2010, the Corporation’s national service priorities for AmeriCorps State and National are applicants that address:
Education Unmet educational needs within communities especially those that help children and youth achieve success in school and prevent them from dropping out before high school graduation.

Healthy Futures Unmet health needs within communities including access to health care, disease prevention and health promotion initiatives, and health literacy.

Clean Energy/Environment Unmet energy-efficiency and environmental needs within communities.

Veterans Unmet needs of veterans, members of the Armed Forces who are on active duty, and family members of deployed military personnel and engages veterans in service.

Opportunity Unmet needs relating to economic opportunity for economically disadvantaged individuals within communities including financial literacy, housing assistance, job training, and nutritional assistance.

Is my organization eligible and to whom do we apply?If your organization works in just one state, please contact your state commission, which can be found here:

You will apply to them.

If your organization works in more than one state, you are eligible to apply for a national grant.

You will apply directly to the Corporation.

If your organization is an Indian Tribe you may apply through your state commission, or directly to the Corporation.

See the 2010 Notice of Federal Funding Opportunity for more information, found here: you are submitting a request for continuation in 2009, please see the Application Instructions, which include information for continuation applications, found here:

Notice of Intent to Apply:
In order to help us gauge the number of applications we are likely to receive, please send an e-mail 60 days prior to the deadline to, for National applicants, or americorpsapplications@ for state commissions.

National applicants should state the competition for which you will be applying.

State commissions are encouraged to include an estimate of the number of programs you will be submitting to the state competitive competition.

Although submission of the notice of intent to apply is not mandatory, your e-mail will help the Corporation to plan more efficiently for review.

More Information on AmeriCorps State and NationalFor more than fifteen years, the Corporation for National and Community Service—through its Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America programs—has mobilized a new generation of engaged citizens.

This year, more than 1. 8 million individuals of all ages and backgrounds will serve through these programs.

They will help thousands of national and community non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, schools, and local agencies meet local needs in education, the environment, health, veterans, economic opportunity, and other critical areas.

AmeriCorps grants are awarded to eligible organizations that identify an unmet need in their community that will be addressed by AmeriCorps members that the organization recruits, trains, and manages.

An AmeriCorps member is an individual who is enrolled in an approved national service position and engages in community service.

Members may receive a living allowance and other benefits while serving.

Upon successful completion of their service, members receive an education award from the National Service Trust.

AmeriCorps grant funding is distributed to Governor-appointed State Commissions and multi-state grantees.

State Commissions award subgrants to organizations in their states, and the multi-state grantees work through operating sites in more than one state.

These organizations recruit AmeriCorps members to respond to local needs.For more information contact your state commission, which you can find here if you are interested in the State grant program.

Contact (202) 606-7508 if you are interested in the National grant program.
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Corporation for National and Community Service

Agency: Corporation for National and Community Service

Office: None

Estimated Funding: Not Available

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Full Notice with the application instructions

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Public or private nonprofit organizations, including labor organizations; faith-based and other community organizations; institutions of higher education; government entities within states or territories (e.g., cities, counties); Indian Tribes; or a partnership or consortia consisting of the aforementioned are eligible to apply.

Intermediaries are encouraged to apply.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Phone (202) 606-7508 or contact the State Commission. A list of all State Commissions can be found here:

Agency Email Description:
email address for this competition

Agency Email:

Date Posted:

Application Due Date:

Archive Date:

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