CommunityPolicing Development (CPD) funds are used to advance the practice of communitypolicing in law enforcement agencies through training and technical assistance,demonstration projects, the development of innovative community policingstrategies, guidebooks, and promising practices that are national

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in scope andresponsive to the solicitation topic requirements.

The 2019 CPD program willfund projects that develop knowledge, increase awareness of effective communitypolicing strategies, increase the skills and abilities of law enforcement andcommunity partners, increase the number of law enforcement agencies andrelevant stakeholders using proven community policing practices and institutionalizecommunity policing practice in routine business.

The COPS Office, a federal provider of innovative, customer-focused resources thataddress the continuing and emerging needs of those engaged in enhancing publicsafety through community policing, has designed the CPD solicitation to addresscritical topics in the law enforcement field by building on the principles ofcommunity policing.

The 2019 CPD program has been established to fund specificprojects related to the following topic areas:
(1) Increasing the Capacity forChange Through the Implementation of Innovative Recruitment Strategies; (2)Designing a Public and Officer Safety Dashboard; (3) Protecting Youth Throughthe Implementation of School Safety Recommendations; (4) Translating CrimeReduction Best and Emerging Practices for Small and Rural Agencies; (5)Building a Campaign to Improve the Reporting of Hate Crimes; (6) Improving LawEnforcement Coordination and Information Sharing in Response to EndangeredYouth; (7) Innovative Uses of Technology to Address Crime; (8) Emerging IssueForums; (9) Training for Law Enforcement:
Developing New Skill Building Courses to Advance Public Safety; (10) Building Bridges between Law Enforcement andYouth; (11) Blue Alert Network Support; (12) Open Category; and (13)Invitational Applications.

Detailed descriptions of each of these topics areavailable in the application guide.

There is up to $6,000,000 million in CPD funds available.

In addition, this CPD funding opportunity includes the Law EnforcementMental Health and Wellness Act (LEMHWA) program.

LEMHWA funds are used to improvethe delivery of and access to mental health and wellness services for lawenforcement through training and technical assistance, demonstration projects,and implementation of promising practices related to peer mentoring mentalhealth and wellness programs that are national in scope and responsive to thesolicitation topic requirements.

The 2019 LEMHWA program will fund projectsthat develop knowledge, increase awareness of effective mental health andwellness strategies, increase the skills and abilities of law enforcement, and increasethe number of law enforcement agencies and relevant stakeholders using peermentoring programs.

The COPS Office, a federal provider of innovative,customer-focused resources that address the continuing and emerging needs ofthose engaged in enhancing public safety through community policing, hasdesigned the LEMHWA solicitation to address law enforcement mental health andwellness.

The 2019 LEMHWA program has been established to fund specificprojects related to the following topic areas:
(1) LEMHWA Peer MentoringTraining and Support; (2) LEMHWA Recommendation Implementation; and (3) LEMHWAPeer Support implementation Projects.

Detailed descriptions of each of these topics are available in theapplication guide.

There is up to $2,000,000 million in LEMHWA funds available.

All CPD/LEMHWA awards are subject to the availability ofappropriated funds and any modifications or additional requirements that may beimposed by law.

Funding is limited, and it is expected that this solicitationwill be very competitive.

Each award or cooperative agreement is two years (24months) in length.

There is no local match.

Each award will be in the form of acooperative agreement, the funding instrument used for substantial federal involvement.
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Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Grants

Department of Justice

Agency: Department of Justice

Office: Community Oriented Policing Services

Estimated Funding: $6,000,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Community Policing Development Program

Additional Information of Eligibility:
This solicitation is open to all public governmental agencies, profit and nonprofit institutions, institutions of higher education, community groups, and faith-based organizations.

Proposals should be responsive to the topic selected, significantly advance the field of community policing, and demonstrate an understanding of community policing as it pertains to the application topic.

Applicants must identify specific program goals that will be directly accomplished if awarded CPD funding.

Applications that represent partnerships between law enforcement agencies and institutions of higher education and nonprofit institutions are encouraged.

Except where otherwise indicated, initiatives that primarily or solely benefit one or a limited number of law enforcement agencies or other entities will not be considered for funding.

Detailed descriptions of eligibility and additional solicitation information are available in the CPD application guide.

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COPS Office Response Center

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