FY18 Supplemental Funding for Existing PTACs

Supplemental funding opportunity limited to existing PTAC cooperative agreement recipients:
If you have HUBZones in your area and are willing to host a HUBZone focused event during the period of performance covered in your current award, provide a rough cost estimate /proposal by email to sherry.savage@dla.mil,

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by September 13th.

You do not need to provide matching funds unless you’re already receiving the maximum we can provide to you in accordance with the law (75% or 65%).

In addition to providing experts to lead the training, SBA will provide the HUBZone screening tool for PTAC use in assisting businesses with their application.

To increase the number of HUBZone certified businesses participating in government contracting, an ideal event would offer both training, and the opportunity of on-site screening, and or some sort of matchmaking and networking.

The event does not have to be limited to HUBZone training but should include it as a focus area.

All PTAC clients and government agencies should be invited as usual.

SBA is especially interested in increasing the quantity of Native American-owned business firms in the HUBZone program since all Tribal areas are permanent HUBZones.

If you have permanent HUBZones in your service area, please consider adding at least one training event to target this community.

SBA will create and provide marketing materials explaining the added benefits that pertain to Native American-owned businesses.

We plan to issue modifications to existing awards and will increase funding to support the most meritorious proposals.

Each mod will result in increased participated event goal.

If one event is proposed, the goal will be increased by one.

Events that are one day (or more), with at least four hours of training, including SBA HUBZone speakers, with opportunities for matchmaking, networking, assistance, etc..

will be considered more favorably than shorter, routine training events.

Limit proposals to one page.

Costs should be itemized but refrain from providing backup documentation unless requested by the Grants Officer.

SF-424 is not required with this supplemental funding proposal.

The proposal package consists entirely of the one-page event proposal with itemized cost estimate which must be emailed to sherry.savage@dla.mil no later than September 13, 201 8. Grants.gov is used as a means to advertise the opportunity to existing PTACs and not for receipt of applications.

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Agency: Department of Defense

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Estimated Funding: $800,000

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Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Email questions and proposal

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Existing PTAC awardees who do not presently have FY18 funded awards that are funded to the statutory maximum funding limitation and/or maximum cost sharing ratio.

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