Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program 2022


PROJECT DESCRIPTIONThe U. S. Embassy Kampala Small Grants Office announces an open competition for registered organizations interested in submitting applications for the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program, which supports small-scale, community-based initiatives that promote


self-reliance, foster development, and promise an immediate and dramatic effect on local communities.

Projects should also include significant community contributions in cash, labor, or materials.

The SSH philosophy is to help communities to help themselves.

For the SSH Program in 2022, U. S. Embassy Kampala will prioritize projects that focus on micro-infrastructure that will benefit the greatest number of people in rural communities.

All applications will be accepted, but priority will be given to those applications that meet the aforementioned criteria.B.

FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATIONU. S. Embassy Kampala expects to have approximately $50,000 available to support five to eight organizations, subject to the availability of funding.

Grants are typically between $2,000 and $10,000 per project.

Project proposals should include a period of performance starting after September 2022 and concluding by September 202 3. The SSH Program receives hundreds of funding applications each year.

All submissions are reviewed in a competitive and transparent manner.

Given the limited funding available through the SSH Program, the U. S. Embassy can only fund a few projects each year.

Those projects that are short-listed will be contacted with additional details.

All other projects will receive a form letter response via email.

Unfortunately, detailed feedback for unsuccessful applicants will not be available.

Please download NOFO and related documents under the Related Documents Tab.
Agency: Department of State

Office: U.S. Mission to Uganda

Estimated Funding: $50,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:

Additional Information of Eligibility:
The U. S. Embassy Kampala Small Grants Office welcomes applications from all established Uganda-based, non-profit organizations/nongovernment organizations (NGO), Community Based Organizations (CBO), and grassroots organizations.

The application must be submitted by an organized that is motivated, have a real need, and have already successfully implemented projects in the community.

The project should be feasible and based on the socioeconomic context of the local community.To be eligible for funding, your project must meet the following criteria:1.

Be community-based; 2.

Be initiated locally;3.

Be administered at the local level; and4.

Include substantial community participation and contributions in cash, labor, food, accommodation for qualified labor, carts of sand or gravel, bricks for construction, sand, fence, water supply, transportation costs, donations of and/or materials etc.5.

Organizations that apply for SSH funds must be established and registered as a Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) with the NGO Bureau at the National Level or as a Community Based Organizations (CBO) at the District Non-Governmental Monitoring Committee in the Districts in which they work.

Please provide appropriate registration certificate and license.6.

Help improve basic economic or social conditions at the local community or village level and have long-lived value.7.

The projects should be high impact, benefiting the greatest number of people possible.8.

Funding is limited to one project, which must be completed within twelve (12) months or less.9.

Projects must be self-sustaining upon completion.

The U. S. Embassy’s support for the project must be a one-time-only/one grant contribution.10.

Projects must be within the community’s ability to maintain and operate.

Requests for large-scale agriculture or construction projects, or for expensive equipment are not considered priority projects.11.

All applicants must display sound management in the form of financial and administrative procedures that protect against waste, fraud, and abuse.

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