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The U. S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania of the U. S. Department of State announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to convene Tanzanian youth for a series of public forums focusing on questions of democracy and governance.

The end goal of

the program is to produce and disseminate a comprehensive report documenting youth views on the kind of system of governance that they feel is best suited to achieving their aspirations.

Priority Regions:
Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Lake Region, Kilimanjaro Region, Southern Highlands Region, Southern Region Program Objectives:
In recent years some politicians have attempted to redefine the definition of democracy to legitimize autocratic rule and undermine the importance of values such as universal human rights, the rule of law, free markets, and limited state intervention in the political and social lives of citizens.

This project will push back against these efforts by convening young Tanzanians from around the country at a series of youth dialogues where they will debate and define the kind of democracy they want for their country.

The findings of these dialogues will be consolidated into a report and shared widely through a national launch, a social media campaign, targeted media engagements, and key-leader meetings.

The project will include the following outputs:
· Six Youth Democracy Dialogues organized in different parts of the country · Report issued with conclusions from the dialogues · Social media campaign launched to amplify findings from the dialogue · Media engagements conducted to amplify findings from the dialogues · Summit with key leaders and policymakers held to share findings from the dialogues Successful proposals will provide detailed explanations of the following:
· The criteria for selecting participants in the youth dialogues · The methodology for soliciting, collecting, and analyzing the views of the participants · The methodology for designing the summary report cataloguing the findings from the dialogues · The media strategy for amplifying the findings of the report in the public sphere The monitoring and evaluation strategy for the project
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Department of State

Agency: Department of State

Office: U.S. Mission to Tanzania

Estimated Funding: $70,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
U.S. Embassy website

Additional Information of Eligibility:

Eligible Applicants.

For Renewal Applicants - PHAs (including MTW PHAs) currently administering an FSS program that have met all funding requirements outlined in prior year Notice of Awards and Grant Agreements and the Terms and Conditions therein, see Appendix C. You will only be eligible for Renewal funding if you were funded under any of the FY 2021, FY 2020, and/or FY 2019 FSS NOFOs Please Note – PHAs that have repositioned all of their Public Housing stock in which FSS participants resided and do not serve HCV FSS participants are not eligible to apply for funding under this NOFO as renewal applicants, as, when their current funding ends, they will no longer meet the definition of “currently administering an FSS program.”  For example, your PHA has 60 PH units and no vouchers.  You have 18 FSS participants.  You reposition all the PH units where those 18 FSS participants live (for instance, you use RAD to convert all your family units to PBRA and all your FSS participants lived in family units.)  Due to the RAD notice, you can continue using your FY21 FSS NOFO funding through 12/31/22.  However, you no longer have a PH FSS program and you do not serve HCV FSS participants.  After 12/31/22, your PHA will no longer administer an FSS program (even if you, as the PBRA owner, are serving those RAD-affected FSS participants).

Thus, you are not eligible for renewal funding under this FY22 NOFO.

  For New Applicants – PHAs that have not been funded for an FSS grant in any of the last 3 years (FY21, FY20, FY19) and PBRA owners already implementing or wishing to implement an FSS program are eligible for funding under Category 4 of this NOFO.

Individuals, foreign entities, and sole proprietorship organizations are not eligible to compete for, or receive, awards made under this announcement.

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