Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Office of Indian Education (OIE): Indian education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies CFDA Number 84.060

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Purpose of Program:
The Indian Education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies (Formula Grants) program provides grants to support local educational agencies (LEAs) and other eligible entities described in this notice in reforming and improving elementary and secondary school programs that serve Indian students.

The Department funds comprehensive programs that are designed to help Indian students meet the same State academic content and student academic achievement standards used for all students while addressing the language and cultural needs of Indian students.

Such programs include supporting the professional development of teachers of Indian students.

In addition, under section 7116 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA), the Secretary will, upon receipt of an acceptable plan for the integration of education and related services, and in cooperation with other relevant Federal agencies, authorize the entity receiving the funds under this program to consolidate all Federal formula funds that are to be used exclusively for Indian students.

Instructions for submitting an integration of education and related services plan are included in the EASIE, which is described under Application Process and Submission Information in section IV of this notice.

Under the Formula Grants program, applicants are required to develop the project for which an application is made:
(a) In open consultation with parents and teachers of Indian students and, if appropriate, Indian students from secondary schools, including through public hearings held to provide a full opportunity to understand the program and to offer recommendations regarding the program (section 7114(c)(3)(C) of the ESEA); (b) with the participation of a parent committee selected in accordance with section 7114(c)(4) of the ESEA; and (c) with the written approval of that parent committee (section 7114(c)(4) of the ESEA).

Program Authority:
20 U.S.C.

7421 et seq.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number:
8 4. 060A.

Applications for grants under the Formula Grants program, CFDA number 8 4. 060A, must be submitted electronically using EASIE.

Applications submitted in paper format will be rejected unless you qualify for one of the exceptions to the electronic submission requirement described later in this section under Exception to Electronic Submission Requirement, and follow the submission rules outlined therein.

EASIE Electronic Application System:
EASIE is an easy-to-use, electronic application system.

This system allows the Department to review applications and interact online with applicants during the application review and approval process.
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Indian Education_Grants to Local Educational Agencies

Department of Education

Agency: Department of Education

Office: None

Estimated Funding: $100,381,000

Who's Eligible

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Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Office of Indian Education (OIE): Indian education Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies CFDA Number 84.060A; Notice inviting applications for new awards for fiscal year (FY) 2015.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible Applicants: Certain LEAs, including charter schools authorized as LEAs under State law, as prescribed by section 7112(b) of the ESEA, certain schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Education of the U. S. Department of the Interior, as prescribed by section 7113(d) of the ESEA, and Indian tribes under certain conditions, as prescribed by section 7112(c) of the ESEA.

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Julius CottonED FIND Systems Admin.Phone 202-245-6288EducationGrantInquiries@ed.govProgram Manager:Bernard GarciaU.S. Department of Education400 Maryland Avenue SW., Room 3W115Washington, DC 20202-6335.Telephone: (202) 260-1454 or by e

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